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Lamas y estanterías


The commercial equipment sector is one which is in constant evolution. In order to be competitive at all times, Lamas y Estanterías has focused on innovation by using the latest technology and catering for the varying needs of today’s consumer.

We have cutting edge production machinery and technical drawing, coupled with a highly qualified profesional team who provide security, quality and experience when it comes to the final product. We always use top quality materials and have a wide range of products at our disposal which enables us to adapt both to our customers’ requirements and the latest developments in the field.


When it comes to manufacturing, we have a fully computerised 1500m2 facility, laid out to allow for the best possible production line for storing of planks, mechanised cutting and lining, and the assembly bench.

All the sections are linked by computer and controlled entirely by the technical office. This facilitates the work of operators and reduces the possibility of problems related to finish and delivery of orders.


We have three offices, one centred on the technical design of articles, another in charge of production and the last dealing with administration, logistics and management of the company.

We also have a 600 m2 storage warehouse. This allows us to ensure delivery deadlines are met and to offer top quality products.


Si necesitas consejo personal cualificado, consultar pedidos de montaje, transporte, presupuesto sin compromiso, no dudes en llamar al 961666101 o enviarnos un correo electrónico a: blas@lamasyestanterias.com o pedidos@lamasyestanterias.com

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